Music musings 8/7


Oh dear, back on Bright Spark again are we?! I guess it’s the whole looking at pictures of yourself on that there fakebook thing at festivals and realisng what a massive p***k you look… either that or it is still an aceley rubbish record…

Anyway, could someone explain to me what is tropical house?! me and steve were wondering the other day.

free 10 tracks from sonar – just found this little card in the bottom of my bag. think you can get em too if you register. nice, nice.

have you noticed how youtube now runs on automatically into the next recommended video. from somewhere, i’m not sure I ended up at acid washed – detroit… as a run on track… balearic blissness continued. there’s a free black strobe mix on RCRD_LBL too… nice.

madonna – borderline – I got the US remix from a little charity shop in Archway… pretty good I’d say. dub mix especially

following on from ALL the essential mixes from last week as highlighted by RIG this week holds all the FACT mixes now on mixcloud – pretty ace I’d say.

chilli gonzalez free download of new single – niceness.

right, that should do for this week…

Bye… yeah, yeah, yeah… bye!