Music musings 18/3


So much goodness at bloc – but I’ve banged on about all that in this week’s section. some of the things on bloc tv tho were amazing. check out these 2 truly amazing things I saw over the weekend.
1stly Harvey Sid Fisher and his work/genius/ahem, songs taking us through the astological signs p p p p pisces. Words escape me. 2ndly, the true wonder of Jan Terri – is she not a true genius… and why don’t I have a haircut like that? Def needs more investigation. Check out some of the blogs about her, there’s some massive obsessives out there….

SXSW then – is anyone going and does anyone care? Miami – as above.

Jim’s just reviewed the new archie bronson outfit album. buy this album – it’s ace. check the full album on their site – just click on the coconut! Klaxons confirmed for a festival in Poland..brilliant. Are they ever going to get that second album out and by the time they put it out, will anyone care?!

6music really is the best radio station on the… radio. marc riley is a national treasure. pure brilliance of an evening last night. this station must be saved, no matter what. what the fuk does radio 1 represent these days apart from utter cack. On the downside, Marc Riley played a Simply Red did a cover of talking heads ‘heaven’?? I had no idea… He also played Television – Marquee Moon. I remember when me and my mate Danny did a night down the Clinic in China Town that no-one ever came down to. I always used to come downstairs and hear him sat under the decks chewing his face off playing this… ahh happy days!

Hortlax Cobra – can’t decide if I like this or not… I think I really do. Hmm.

Ian sent me this yesterday –House Gang – Let No Man Put Us Under is that, or is that not lush!

I’d totally forgotten until Michelle pointed it out but someone played- We Have Explosives late on at Bloc on Sat – sounded well good.

Check out this Levon Vincent mix mulletover just gave away. It’s well lush – Detroit stylings into some ace Chicago bizzle. He’s playing mulletover 4th april – gonna be ace. Love finding electronicness I had no idea about…

oh, one more… have you seen the new Hot Chip video??? Fukkin ace.

OK… forward… to the party of 3rdness!