Music Musings 16/9


Ian’s already beaten me to Erol remix of Gonzales but ave a little listen again anyway… Chilly Gonzales – ‘Never Stop’ (Erol Alkan Rework) – Preview by phantasy sound

Gold Panda

The new Amiina album just dropped through the door – genuinely beautiful calming start to yesterday. Get yer free download here

Mmmwhite sea remix of seven saturdays… my, my RCRD_LBL I have no idea how the model works but it’s ace for musication discoveration.

I believe this be one of ian’s favourite records of the moment: die antwoord. i actually came across this a while and was like, what the fk this is ridiculous… and it is… but now i kind of like it! jesus.

Via miss hardiman… Cultural Vibe – Ma Foom Bey

No idea where this came from…East 17 Division (no, no not them)… but it’s great.



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