Music musings 15/1


This week I’ve mostly taken my audio pleasure from my mate joe c’s . Always posting about something that makes me fall in love with music all over again, his pre-nye post ‘His beats my rhymes are a perfect blend..’ or ‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Vol.2′ has brought back into my life the beauty of the golden era of hh once again… also there’s a recent amazing electro (the real stuff) posting on there. And I’m now just discovering what my mate Danny was banging on about for all those years with Echoboy…

I love music!

Can’t believe I missed this video first time around. Never sure where I sat with The Knife but this songs ace and the video’s amazing. Pass This On. Thanks Louis!

Oop, one other absolutely riciculous video before I leave. Elton’s ‘I’m Still Standing’
Massive! Cheers Ashx

Oh sorry, one other thing… how good is the Carl Craig mix of the not as good as it should be new Hot Chip single? Ace in my book.

ta ta for now…