Mr. Mitch set to release new album ‘Lazy’ on Gobstopper Records


Mr. Mitch has announced his third album, ‘Lazy’, on his own Gobstopper Records. 

A reflection on the different moods and situations he might find himself in whilst producing – in between running the label, looking after three kids and working a full-time job – the 11 tracks are, ironically, the antithesis of the album’s title, showcasing the diversity and eye for detail he applies to his productions. 

Like his previous long player ‘Devout’, this release seeks to translate his life experiences through his music, providing listeners with a glimpse into his musical output in those rare and precious times in between life and work.

As well as releasing several records on his own imprint, and hosting EPs from the likes of Hagan, Nikki Nair, Odeko and BFTT, Mr. Mitch has released music for Pressure and Planet Mu

The album also comes with 200 handwritten CDs and a limited edition T-shirt collaboration with Carhartt WIP, including art by New York artist, Obi Agwam. ‘Lazy’ will be released on Gobstopper Records on 5th March 2021, available in both digital and physical forms.

1. Black Majik
2. Did We Say Goodbye
3. Make Time feat. Duval Timothy
4. In The Hills
5. Lazy feat. Manga Saint Hilare
6. Proud feat. miles
7. What They Want
8. Moving Up
9. Burn Down IDM
10. Sleep feat. Social State
11. Daydream Of You

Watch the official video for the first single ‘Did We Say Goodbye’ below…