Mountains of Tongues -Musical Dialects Of The Caucaus album details


In 2012 Ethnomusicologists Stefan Williams Fa and Ben Wheeler left for a journey across the Caucasus,in search of musics of the region that transcends the political borders of the area and documents little heard folk sounds from Azeri, Georgian, Armenian, Azar, Chechens, and many other ethnicities. Their recordings are not reissues,and give us a rare glimpse into the state of folk music in the Caucasus today.

“Our journey to collect these recordings began with a gathering of goats and Azeri bards on the side of a dirt track road in Georgia and ended in a dark kitchen in a Molokan collective in Azerbaijan, a Christian sect banished from Russia to the Caucasus in the 19th Century. We travelled through the three countries of the South Caucasus – Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan – fueled by cheese pies and glasses of wine that were endlessly offered to us by our hosts.”


Musical Dialects of the Caucaus, 2012-2013

Out on Nov 11th