Ramses3000 collaborates with unsung African vocalists on debut LP for Intercept


The Dutch producer, multi-disciplinary artist and Cairo Liberation Front member will release his debut solo album on Coloray’s Intercept this September.

Marking his most important release to date, Nadja, spotlights collaborators who he’s connected with over the years, predominantly in Africa.

There’s seven artists who appear on the album, each bringing their own flavour to Ramses3000’s instrumentals, including Sierra Leonean rappers Mash P and Vinel and fellow countryman Chen B, Ugandan rapper Swordman Kitala and French writer and poet Maud Sztern, among others.


The album’s name is inspired by André Breton’s novel about the French surrealist movement; a book that had a huge impact on Ramses3000 (real name Yannick Verhoeven) with regard to surrealism as a way of life. He puts these ideas into practice on the LP as he lets expectations go and takes an improvised approach to creating music: the result is a melting pot of leftfield afrobeat, nu-jazz and breakbeat sounds.

Ramses3000 is known for his work as part of music collective, Cairo Liberation Front and as founder of Eurabia festival. He’s played an instrumental part in bringing the sounds of the Middle East and Africa over to The Netherlands and uncovering new talent across these regions. Yannick is also a collage artist whose artwork has gained recognition and been part of an exhibition at De Nieuwe Vorst in his hometown of Tilburg.

Nadja will be released on Intercept on 2nd September.