I think that a lot of media reactions to MIA are tinged with good old fashioned rock n’ roll misogyny. Admittedly she has a tendency to ramble in interviews, and perhaps sometimes comes across as maybe talking bollocks, but Jesus the amount of stick she gets for having the temerity to be a female performer attempting to have something to say. So what if she cant sum up a complex political system in a half hour interview. When did Julian Casablancas last mumble something profound ? Ever ? Irish chancer Bob Geldof knows fuck all about Ethiopia, and he scored a knighthood. And crucially, MIAs music is better than his. Well, it has been better, cos unfortunately this new single is making me think of Katy Perry covering Fischerspooner. Its alright enough I guess, but Ive come to expect strange and wonderful pop from Maya and this is just a bit ordinary, and no amount of youtube baiting footage of gingers getting their brains blown out is gonna change that.

Ian Mcquaid