Mehmet Aslan announces debut album, ‘The Sun Is Parallel’


Mehmet Aslan has announced his anticipated debut album, The Sun Is Parallel, on Planisphere Editorial.

The LP is dedicated to alternative musical cultures across eras and continents, as well as a passion for records, and sees the Swiss-Turkish musician explore a vast range of sounds, styles and tempos.

Written and recorded with his live bandmates, guitarist Daniel Pankau and drummer Alican Tezer, the music matches Aslan’s intricate production with live instrumentation to create a collection of music that surprises at every twist and turn.


Touching on cinematic electronica, cosmic psych, Eastern melodies and global grooves, the LP as a whole asks questions of his own identity and its fluidity, as well as themes of community, migration and how the last few years has allowed time to reflect and investigate oneself.

Mehmet Aslan has released music for Banoffee Pies, Huntleys & Palmers, Emotional Especial, Hamam House, Dischi Autonno and his own label Fleeting Wax.

The Sun Is Parallel will be released on 11th November.