McQuaid’s Bruk Out Selections #5


The Groove feat. Bucks and Zulu – Pengula Wena

Angolan heat. The video is dope. The beat is fire. 

Kanye performing New Slaves on Saturday Night live

This has been floating around for a month or so now, but I only caught it last night. Yeezus has proved pretty divisive, and Im still hearing people having kinda pointless arguments over whether its hip hop or not. Is the title you give something even that relevant? I guess in terms of allowing hip hop to be as wide and innovative as possible, its detrimental to start labeling Kanyes experimentation as some new genre, just cos its a bit heavy on the ravey synth lines, but really, whatever. Ill leave the splitting hairs to train spotters. What counts is that, for my money, this is a truly banging performance. He kills it, the deliverys pure theatre, right down to the strangulated self censorship. Has he turned a corner? Is this the emergence of new conscious Kanye? Probably not to be honest, theres plenty of standard bullshit on the album about menages (surely, surely its time Yeezy stopped saying menage). I guess this is just another fascinating, weird blip in a career full of fascinating, weird blips

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