McQuaid’s Bruk Out Selections #2


Mr Renzo & Aidonia – Bend Ya Back (Remix)

Aidonias killing it at the moment – his high tempo party anthem Tip Pon Ya Toe is smashing dances worldwide, and this hook up with Trinidad artist Mr Renzo looks to be another heater. The swinging riddim kinda reminds me of Hundred Stab, which is the first track I remember Aidonia really shining on – heres a reminder of that cut. I dont know how soca got so mental but right now Trinidad seems like a wild technicolour party of crazy samples, everything-and-the-kitchen-sink production and plain, old fashioned joy. Its techno for rum hounds and youd be dead inside not to love it.

Criss Waddle ft Bisa Kdei – Ayi (Ghost Azonto)

I cant see the name Criss Waddle without thinking of, yknow, the mullet sporting, penalty spacking England legend Chris Waddle

I wonder if Ghanas Criss Waddle is aware of his namesake. What a mullet. Incredible. 


Ghanaian Crisss current hit Ayi is some spooky and restrained Azonto magic. Its the sound of a scene evolving into something quite enthrallingly odd; Id even say avant garde, if that doesnt sound too contrived. Im desperate to find a high quality download of it, any suggestions internets?  

Foamo – Release

I just got sent Foamos latest release on Rinse, and its made me want to post some of the other deep jack tracks Bruk Out towers has been kotching too over the last coupla weeks. This cut, Release sees the former breakbeat man slowing his tempo to the low 120s, which is pretty much par for the course on LDN dancefloors this year. Myself I like more spartan, lonely bass hits and less floaty indistinct vocal flim flam, but Id say hes got the balance bout right here. Its out now with a couple of decent B sides, buy it from somewhere other than iTunes 

Plastik Soul ft Black Diamond – Life

And more UK house action- loads of people are calling this sound deep house, but thats got crap connotations for me- I kinda associate deep with badly dressed rich suckers vaguely nodding to tunes that take 12 minutes to do precisely F all. Instead Im going with jacking, the name Marcus Nasty has coined – seeing as I first heard this killer Plastik Soul track on Marcuss ever excellent Rinse show, it seems only right. Anyway, just listen to those bass tones! Such a satisfying sound, warm and a touch sinister.. Not sure when/ if this is getting full release so keep an eye on the Plastik Soul soundcloud for updates. 

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