Max Graef Band To Release New Album ‘Dog’


I guess Max Graef isn't one for imaginative titles. I mean, 'Dog'? He could at least have had the decency to call his new album 'Cat'. That way we'd definitely have covered it.

Thankfully it's really good, so we can cover it anyway.

'Dog' covers the entire gamut of funk, from funky jazz to disco funk to funky discoid jazz funk. That's all the different types of funk, right? What I'm trying to say is, you should buy this if you like funk or you're a funky person or you like to funk out.

Check the tracklist for 'Dog' below. We've nothing to play you from it as of yet, so instead why not have a listen to the frenetic 'Magic Johnson' from Max Graef's fortcoming collab w/ Glenn Astro.

A1 DOG + Skit
A2 Skit 
A3 CBOLX + Der Weisse Vogel part I 
A4 Tangerine 
B1 Mathilda Lilith Emilia + Skit 
B2 Die Elektrische + Der Weisse Vogel Part II 
B3 C.G.I. 
B4 Der Weisse Vogel III 

'Dog' is out Dec 14 on Money $ex Records.