Martyn Announces Second Single From Upcoming Lp, Entitled ‘Manchester’


Martyn has announced the second single from his new album Voids. Entitled ‘Manchester’, it is a track dedicated to the memory of Manchester native and D’n’B pioneer Marcus Intalex, who sadly passed away one year ago. 

Intalex was the first to release Martyn’s music back in 2005 on Revolve:r and Martyn returned the favour by releasing Marcus’ first output as Trevino on his 3024 imprint a few years later in 2011. 

The pair were firm friends, in a statement released by Martyn he writes “We always stayed in touch, but life, touring, and generally being busy made it harder and harder to spend quality time together. After his passing, I once again realized the importance of putting more effort into friendships and not let the people you love turn into ’Facebook contacts’. That's what this song is about for me.”

He adds, “As much as this track is made in memory of Marcus, it is also dedicated to the city of Manchester, a place I very much enjoy being, with a music scene that is thriving and supportive of each other in hard times.”

The track begins with a haunting, recurring vocal sample “Deep deep talent, we’ve lost a big one” and shifts through stuttering drum patterns, brooding bass and atmospheric pads. 

Voids will be released on June 22nd on Ostgut-Ton, the label arm of Berlin’s Berghain. Martyn, who is a resident at Panorama Bar will release the full album at launch party held at Säule on June 21st. 

More Info on Voids Album Launch Party HERE