Madteo To Release New Tape On Origin Peoples


The New York City based producer is set to return with more oddball electronics on the Origin Peoples label next month. He will release "Confessions of a Permanent Alien Opium Beater" on the 9th of February which features a long form audio collage packed with strange sounds and a dusty hiss. He describes the release below: 

"A set I did at a now defunct (of course) little space (Salvor Projects) in the Lower East Side in early 2015 becomes a limited (duh) cassette.

Some trimming and subtle cuts done in Jackson Hts. last year nonetheless it's almost the whole thing. Enough to get an idea of the subterranean rumbles happening live that nite in a 350sq/ft storefront on an extra frosty February day in Nu Yawk Shitty. Some Russians in attendance, and visages of the nite I hadn't seen since running around the Beast Village in the mid 90s."

Check out a video teaser HERE

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