Lung Dart Release New Cdr


The latest from RSN favourites Lung Dart – South London’s answer to Alan Lomax – sees the duo present a sinuous twenty-one minute odyssey of repurposed samples filtered through their distinctively woozy lens. Screwed and inverted by various edits and processes, it’s a strange trip that coasts through treacle-thick ambient, sidereal pop, queasy concrète lounge jazz and mangled lo-fi loops, with an overture that sounds like a less annoying Connan Mockasin versioning the ‘Lady In The Radiator’ tune from Eraserhead on an old pub piano. The whole affair gets a little more surreal by the fifteen-minute mark as a motivational speaker is given centre stage, the kind of irreverent detour reminiscent of the self-released juvenilia of Hype Williams and Dean Blunt. It's a moment that's worth sticking around for. The rest is too. 

‘What’s Difficult Gets Easier’ is available to stream below. CDRs available via the Lung Dart Bandcamp.


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