Local Suicide announce their debut album ‘Eros Anikate’

Press Photo 2 – Local Suicide – Photo Credit Tibor Bozi

Berlin-based duo Local Suicide have announced the release of their debut album Eros Anikate on their own label, Iptamenos Discos.

Meaning ‘love invincible’ in Greek, the LP title is influenced by the Sophocles play ‘Antigone’ and continues the pair’s love of ‘technodisco’, a sound they’ve become synonymous with.

Known for their plethora of past collaborations, it’s only right that they’ve invited several artists to join them across the album’s eight tracks. Previous collaborators include Skelesys, Curses, Kalipo and Theus Mago, as well as many producers and musicians they’ve met throughout their career, including Lee Stevens, Hard Ton, The Hidden Cameras, Sissi Rada and legendary Greek singer Lena Platonos.


Today the pair share the first single, album opener ‘High Buildings’: a collaboration with Luv Shack founder and member of Burnin Tears & Space Echo, Lee Stevens. Eerie, dystopian and otherworldly, the track explores ‘the contrast of unbound nature meets the intentional building blocks and order of man-made society’.

Speaking about the single Local Suicide said: “We wrote this track right after we came back from a tour in Asia. The track arose from being overcome with that post-trip melancholy, missing nature and detesting the feeling of being back in the city. Using some bird sounds and a sample from a train in china saying “please take good care of your children we came up with High Buildings.”

Local Suicide have previously released EPs on Bordello A Parigi, Snap, Crackle & Pop, Duro, Hold Your Ground, Eskimo Recordings and many more.

Listen to ‘High Buildings’.


Eros Anikate will be released through Iptamenos Discos on 13th May. The video for High Buildings for created by French video artist Jade Prevost.