Swiss duo Atrice release new music via Nostro Hood System

Atrice Press Photo 1

Produced during a stay in the Swiss Alps, the focus of ‘Accumulation Zone’ is on ice-cold sound design and textural complexity.

Following releases on Ilian Tape and Zurich imprint, Ozelot Records, Atrice return with a kaleidoscopic 5-track EP which sees them exercise the crystalline sound design which they have perfected over the course of their illustrious career.

Accumulation Zone is a holistic release, with each track lending sounds and textures to its successor until they form a whole: dynamic and mercurial yet harmonious and cohesive. A release that certainly rewards multiple runs, listeners can expect razor-sharp synth flutters (Moraines) and giant sub swells undercut by erratic intervals of half-broken triplet rhythms (GRM Bugs).



The focus on intricately-engineered textural landscapes and futuristic sound design stays true to the sci-fi aesthetic of Bristol label, Nostro Hood System, whose catalogue includes releases from the likes of Paris duo Amor Satyr & Siu Mata and London’s aircode.

Accumulation Zone is out now. Buy and stream the EP here.