Listen: Craig Bratley Debut Album Preview


The miserable old git (much like ourselves) but downright gentleman (less like ourselves)  – that is Craig Bratley's debut LP ‘Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride’ is out next month. And it's great!

The ten track album finds Bratley exploring his fine collection of analogue machines and dark wave disco visions, with beatless ambient tracks, twinkly drug chug and tobacco stained grooves all sitting next to each other in perfect harmony.

Check a preview here:

Containing the already classic Birdshell’ and ‘Obsession’ and many others Buy Ticket, Take The Ride is out on Tsuba Records of all labels on 15th December '14

1. Transmission One (Intro)
2. Dance With a Mannequin
3. Birdshell
4. Hyper Velocity
5. Computer Controlled
6. Beat on the Drum
7. The Curse
8. Obsession
9. Black Swan Theory
10. Analogue Dreams