Lethal Bizzle


The original Pow has the distinction of being banned from Notting Hill Carnival by the Old Bill. They deemed it, literally, too hype to be played, reasoning that every time it dropped punters would lose their minds, smash everything in sight and riot like Bullingdon Club boys in Rag Week. Now thats what I call pop music. Cant imagine anything by Mumford and Sons being banned from Latitude Festival but there you go. So the beats being rejigged, funky-ed up a touch and revoiced by Bizzle joined by some old hands and a few of the new school. Wiley comes off strongest with a verse that uses his special made up word Bududududadada to finish every line, saving a lot of effort in thinking up rhymes. Surprisingly Chipmunk also sounds cool, reminding you of his harder beginnings. P Money, Blacks, Kano and Ghetts kind of show up and do their thing without really any distinguishing quotables, but the overall winner is still Dexplicits amped up beat, still primed for chaos.

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