Laid Back Release Potty Mouthed Balearic Punk Cover


Laid Back are largely know for recording their '81 track White Horse, a genius synth disco number implying clubbers should choose gack over heroin. Now they've emerged from the studio with a new offering – a Balearic, slow motion disco cover of Fuck Off, originally recorded by gender bending punk outfit Wayne County and the Electric Chairs. Re-titled Fuck (why waste words eh chaps?) Laid Back have slightly altered County's route one lyrics (don't worry – the message remains the same: "If you don't want to fuck, you better fuck off") straight down the sleaze disco. The results are pretty satisfying, as you can hear below:


The track is out now, accompanied by a dub mix, and a new remix of Don't Walk On The Grass – fuck off over here to get a copy.