Ah and back to something new Quick excerpt from the new Koralleven Honey Mine below for you. Its more dub in feel with a balearic edge and sounding all the better for it. Vocals are courtesy of Victoria Bergsman from Taken By Trees and previously The Concretes with the stripped mix courtesy of Studios Dan Lissivk. All sounds a bit sad and mournful but thats no bad thing in these winter months. Limited to 500 so get on it soon if you like it. Great name for a record label.

Korallreven Honey Mine

Korallreven Honey Mine (D.Lissvik Remix)

Thanks to Emma Warren (check her show live on NME radio on Friday nights).

Taken from the very excellent testpressing.org – home of music love. Check the site for a lot more – they been busy these past few weeks with a mad amount of posts!