Koloah releases ‘Serenity’ album for Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund


Kyiv-based artist Koloah has released an album in aid of Ukraine’s Refugee Fund.

Like most Ukrainian people, DJ and producer Koloah’s life was turned upside down on 24th February when Putin invaded the country. While he remains in Ukraine helping the army, he managed to evacuate some of his equipment from the capital and continued to work on an ambient album he’d been in the process of writing before the war began.

Made up of eight ambient tracks, that thematically touch on nostalgia, hope and sorrow, Koloah hopes that the album will “serve as a kind of therapy for people who are personally experiencing or watching all the nightmare that is happening in Ukraine”.


A message on his Bandcamp said: “Today it is hard to find support and peace in yourself. All we see around us is fear, anger, pain, exhaustion, broken destinies, innocent victims of the war that became the genocide of the Ukrainian people.

After the rockets began to fly into the city and the enemy troops almost reached the center, I took my cat, two T-shirts, a jacket, a laptop and left Kyiv. Will I be able to return to my hometown? Will Kyiv be as I remember it? Probably only in the memories. After a hasty run, my 70 hours journey had begun, until I reached a place where I could settle down and find new support. However, even here I can hear the sounds of sirens and rocket explosions. Now no one can predict the course of events, it’s impossible to understand what will happen in a week, we are not sure if tomorrow will come.

These were the impetus for the release of the album now. In daily hell, music became my support, my therapy. Now I want to share my strength and support with others. I created this album to reflect on what is happening to us: tears, nostalgia, dreams of the future, and faith in a bright tomorrow. We will survive, return to our hometowns, and rebuild the country when the war is over.”

Koloah is also known for music under the aliases Voin Oruwu and Tropical Echobird, and has a residency at Brave Factory.

All money raised from the album release will be donated to the Ukraine Refugee Support Fund.

Serenity is out now on Koloah’s Bandcamp.