Knekelhuis release debut LP from punk wave project Geier aus Stahl

KH043 – Geier Aus Stahl FRONT COVER

Knekelhuis welcome Rotterdam-based artist Geier aus Stahl to the label for his debut album.

One of the many musical projects of Leonard Prochazka, his first long player under this name, Strapazen und Genesung, brings together a plethora of interesting and unexpected sounds, from wave, trip hop and avant-garde to industrial and punk-tinged electronics, all underpinned by an innate groove.

Knekelhuis cite a statement from David Byrne which reflects Leonard’s approach and output: “No matter how alienated the subject or the singer might appear, the groove and its connection to the body would provide solace and grounding. But the edgy, uncomfortable stuff was still on the foreground”.


Making music since 2016, Geier aus Stahl’s mission is to explore questions of autonomy and destructive power relations, through a marriage of electronic and acoustic instrumentation.

Based out of Amsterdam, Knekelhuis has built a reputation for its carefully curated catalogue which takes in everything from experimental, ambient and leftfield electronic to post-punk, wave and synth-pop. Since launching in 2014, label boss Mark van de Maat has released both contemporary and archival works and has been a home to artists like De Ambassade, Patricia Kokett, EYE, Zaliva-D and many more.

Listen to the LP below.

Strapazen und Genesung is out now. The release party takes place on 7th July at Garage Noord in Amsterdam, with support from Reymour and PRIVAT.