Two new EP’s announced on Sex Tags UFO

5 Minute Read
Written by Alasdair King

The first new material on the label of 2022 has emerged.

Prolific DIY record label Sex Tags UFO has announced the release of two new EP’s in what are the first records on the imprint this year. The label, in its usual low key style, has teased the release with records being made available across a handful of record stores.

Dj Fett Burger delivers the first of the pair, the label boss and renowned selector explores house with elements of hip hop dabbled throughout. The EP also features a remix from close friend SVN.

The second EP is perhaps more off piste, a rare remix EP with Fett Burger taking on the challenge of two previously released tracks by Melbourne based producer and DJ Jennifer Loveless.


The label have described the release as follows:

“Both remixes are groove shaking remixes working around Jennifers joyful and uplifting melodies, sounds and pads. Extra rhythmic elements and percussions are added, bass grooves and new melodies to give it more depth, and tweaked and mixed to give both tracks a different dimension that they deserve.”

The releases are available at all good record shops now.