New Ukrainian label Khvylia launched to support local artists

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Ukrainian artist and promoter Kiss Allah has launched Khvylia, a label to support local musicians during the ongoing war in the country.

For the first release he’s gathered the creative community around Ukraine for a 13-track compilation of music made during the war.

Titled Operation Perevtilennya, the latter of which is a Ukrainian word for transformation and rebirth, the digital release features music from emerging artists exploring genres like ambient, experimental, IDM, trip hop and pop punk.


In the words of the label, it’s providing ‘an opportunity for listeners abroad to metaphysically discover what’s going on right now in Ukraine’, while the track listing and structure paints a full emotional landscape of the current situation, touching on feelings of anxiety through to hopes of a peaceful future.

Alongside the release, the label have also made available a run of handmade beaded bracelets using traditional folk art patterns from different Ukrainian regions.

Khvylia, which translates as wave – ‘a powerful symbol of human transformation and fundamental changes’, will be a space for a new generation of Ukrainian artists who are exploring different genres and shaping new sounds.

Listen to the BADWOR7H remix of Oi Fusk’s track.

Operation Perevtilennya is out now on Khvylia’s Bandcamp. 50% of sales will be split between Kyiv Volunteer fund, Repair Together fund and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.