Kerri Chandler announces first album in 14 years

Kerri Chandler Press Picture 3 (Shot by Joe Finch)

House music veteran Kerri Chandler has announced details of his forthcoming new album, Spaces and Places, which marks his first LP in 14 years.


Produced over several years, the 24-track release is an ode to club and sound system culture that was created on location, in a temporary studio in the centre of the dance floor, at some of the world’s most acclaimed nightclubs. Each track is inspired by Kerri’s relationship to that space and the nuances in sound that come with his performances in these clubs.

The first track to be shared from the album is ‘Never Thought (623 Again Vocal)’, featuring the vocals of Sunchilde, which was written and performed at Printworks in London.


Speaking about the release, Kerri said: “[This is why] ever since I first ventured away from home, I have been infamous with my soundchecks at any space I have performed in. I make sure, with the help of the engineers in these “Spaces and Places”, many I have known most of my career, to get the best from each system. Each sound system is unique to each venue, even if it’s the same type of gear, because of the physical space. And when you add the right audience to that specific nightclub, it comes to life!  The club owners and engineers were gracious enough to let me take over each club and turn each venue, into a recording studio. I wanted to express the love of what could be possible in capturing my productions in the venue, from the heart of each space, right on the dance floor an I translate it onto this album, which I created over the course of 4 years and 24 venues later.”

Kerri Chandler has been a dominating force in house music for decades. An originator and innovator of the genre, he’s released a lengthy discography on labels like Ibadan, King Street Sounds, Deeply Rooted House and his own imprints Madhouse Records Inc and Kaoz Theory, the home of this new album.


Kerri Chandler ft. Sunchilde – Never Thought (Main Vocal Mix) [Printworks]
Kerri Chandler ft. Mauro Capitale – Milan (Full Sax Mix) [Magazzini Generali]
Kerri Chandler ft. Lady Linn – You Get Lost In It (Full Vocal Main Mix) [The Warehouse Project]
Kerri Chandler ft. Dreamer G – Hurry Up (Kerri’s Again End Vocal Mix) [Ministry of Sound]
Kerri Chandler ft. Bluey Robinson – Tenacity (Main Vocal Mix) [Output NYC]
Kerri Chandler ft. Yaniel & Patrick Mangan – Kaiku (Disco Version) [Kaiku]
Kerri Chandler – Industria [Industria]
Kerri Chandler – Dirty (DJ Deep’s Son and Dad Edit 6) [Rex]
Kerri Chandler – I See (Full Mix) [Razzmatazz]
Kerri Chandler – The Piano Thing [Live] [Eathos]
Kerri Chandler – Sunrise [Watergate]
Kerri Chandler – See the Light (Original Long Vocoder Vocal Mix) [Lux Frágil]
Kerri Chandler ft. Troy Denari – Sun of Sound (Vocal Mix) [Plan B]
Kerri Chandler – Keep One (But Do It Again) [Sir Henrys]
Kerri Chandler ​ft.​ Dora Dora ​- ​Who Knows (Media Mix​ ​Vocal Mix​)​ [Barbarellas]
Kerri Chandler – Let it (Kerri’s Original Full Vocal Mix) [Basic Club]
Kerri Chandler ft. Troy Denari – Change Your Mind (Full Vocal) [District 8]
Kerri Chandler ft. Mona Lee – Joyful Life (Full Vocal Mix) [De Marktkantine]
Kerri Chandler ft Nadir Simon – The Morning Heat (Main Mix) [La Grange]
Kerri Chandler – The Calling [Club Qu]
Kerri Chandler – Feelin’ Red (Pull The 9 Out Mix) [DC10]
Kerri Chandler – Subbie (The Jackpot Mix) [Sub Club]
Kerri Chandler – The Box Frame [Halcyon]
Kerri Chandler ft Aaron Braxton – Back to Earth (Find Your Peace) [The Knockdown Center]



Spaces and Places will be released in October via Kaoz Theory and will also be available as a limited-run and special collectable vinyl box set including poster and visual booklet.

Photo credit: Joe Finch.