Kanye West & Jay-Z


One day, trust me, one day ye is gonna manage to finally bring out the rap Bohemian Rhapsody. And, yes, with H.A.M. (Hard As A Muthafucka…) hes just that step closer to creating music so ridiculously overblown it passes right on through the flabby land of pompous embarrassment, bang on to its shiny neighbour the realm of wtf genius. Well almost. In 4 and a bit minutes he moves from hood shaking trap beats, to a massive Damian-returning-to-Hades-end-of-the-world-requiem choir to maybe a bit of the Star Wars Death March before wrapping up with some sort of neo classical soft rock piano tinkling. It really is strange. If Brian May could be coerced onto a remix the world could die happy.

Ian Mcquaid

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