Juju & Jordash To Release 4th Album In November


Hardware enthusiasts Juju & Jordash are set to release their fourth album through Dekmantel. Titled Clean Cut, the duo have said that the record will live up to it's name, moving on from the expansive textures of their last LP to something new. “Clean-cut is tighter, more honest and there’s less hiding behind a hazy screen of FX," they write. The soundcloud sampler bears this out, with the analogue warmth of their kit pressed into dancefloor service, with tracks veering from classic house basslines to noisy electronic static. The album is a 9 track affair, and be released on double vinyl, CD and digital on November 19th. The tracklist runs as follows:

1. Clean-Cut
2. Schmofield
3. Whippersnapper
4. Swamp Things
5. Deadwood City
6. Maharaja
7. Wheeze Please
8. Anywhere
9. Eventide
10. SP Shakes (CD bonus track)