Jlin x SOPHIE, Moor Mother and Nicolás Jaar feature in Unsound ‘Intermission’ Book and LP


Poland’s Unsound Festival have announced the release of their ‘Intermission’ project, a book and record that features interdisciplinary work especially commissioned for the publication. 

Beginning as an extension of the festival’s 2020 online edition, ‘Intermission’ has now evolved into a standalone project that features memoirs, critical texts, poetry, essays and a special, pain-stakingly curated compilation. 

Bringing together a diverse range of voices, including journalists, nature writers, novelists, poets, theorists, curators and activists, the book explores themes the include the pandemic, lockdown, ecology, mental health, conspiracy theories, racism, LGBTQ+ rights, sound, tourism, the precarious state of the music industry, nostalgia, identity and more.

The compilation, intended as a coherent whole, features music by some of today’s most exciting electronic and experimental musicians, from Polish talent and longtime friends to well known and upcoming names, and emerging artists from scenes across the world.

Alongside specially invited collaborations from SOPHIE and Jlin; Polish techno star VTSS with Varg2™; and Tim Hecker with Polish vocalists Agata Harz & Katarzyna Smoluk-Moczydłowska, there is an improvised section from Nicolás Jaar involving musicians from the US, Poland, Palestine, Indonesia, Mexico and France, and field recordings made during the pandemic from DeForrest Brown, Jr. and James Hoff’s recordings from New York BLM protests and rural English landscapes captured by BBC wildlife recordist Chris Watson.

The Intermission album is dedicated to the memory of SOPHIE, who recently passed away. SOPHIE was a huge inspiration for the music scene, and remained a favourite of Unsound who invited her to perform in Krakow in 2014 and 2018 and at their NYC edition last year 2020.