Jesse Rose Interview


Raised on Motown soul, jazz and eighties funk in London, Jess Rose moved to Bristol in the early 90s to begin throwing club nights with old friend Jamie Anderson. In 1997 Jesse moved back to his hometown London and soon started playing regularly around the capital, honing his particular blend of Chicago house and early Detroit techno. Regularly playing Fabric, Basics, WMF, Panorama Bar. Residencies have included Front Room Sessions @ Kinzo in Berlin, Wagg in Paris, a two-year stint on Kiss FM and Back to Yours in London and a Made to Play residency at Panorama Bar. Currently residing in LA, we caught up with him for his thoughts on dream remixes, the cities that have shaped his musical education and why he hasn't been on these shores for a while.

Looking at your blog you have a madly eclectic music taste outside of house music, from Roots Manuva to Wiley and some drum and bass – have you ever thought about branching out into the production realms of drum and bass or grime yourself? And if so who would you have rapping over it?

In fact moving to l.a has already kind of made that happen I did a hiphop/drum&bass thing for Major Lazer and started a hiphop slanted production duo with Noah from Chiddy Bang, we already did two tracks for Chiddy's next album.

You produce under many monikers in collaboration with other artists, including induceve with switch, black rose with henrik schwarz & with Trevor Loveys as izit? Who, if you could chose anybody in the world, would you most like to produce a track with?

I guess Wiley would be up the top of the list, as he has it on both the production side and as my favourite u.k rapper of the last years. I'm also looking to work with lil b for my album, he's just nuts.

You have also done a lot of remixes for some very impressive artists (Hot Chip, Riton, Radio Slave, Trevor Loveys and Hard Drive), are there any tracks out there that you are itching to have a go at remixing?

I really wanted to have go at the last Wiley single 'Numbers In Action' (way too under rated in my opinion), ended up getting sent the parts but had no time to make it happen. I remixed Beastie Boys earlier this year, which was pretty exciting. In a bigger realm Henrik (Schwarz) beat me to Stevie (Wonder).

Berlin, L.A, Bristol & London, the cities you have lived in all have budding but very different music scenes – which of these cities has been particularly influential in shaping your musical direction?

To be honest it's all been about london until i moved to l.a earlier this year and got a lot more into hip-hop on a production tip, but still london influences everything i do.

Tell us about the album Made For The Night what's the concept behind it?

Made For The Night started as an idea for a compilation series where i would choose artists i respect as both a dj and producer and they would do a dj mix on one cd and a 'best of' mixed on the other cd. It then made me think I'd prefer to change all the label nights I do around the world and concentrate on special Made For The Night residencies. So now we have Watergate in Berlin, Social Club in Paris, Air in Amsterdam and we're just confirming l.a & Tokyo. Musically the night will let me programme a more diverse line up with artists that go from Loco Dice to Flying Lotus!


These artists being on the label, they each have they're own thing I admire. Riva Starr has built his career with us and now travels round the would promoting house music in far flung places, Renaissance Man are great for the late sets and just go off on a more techno vibe which has worked great at our nights in Berlin. Zombie Disco Squad I love to involve as much as possible in everything I do, they're great guys, who give house music a great spin without ever going cheesy. Myself, well you never know what you're gonna get but i reckon we'll be going in deep.

We've not seen you over these shores too regularly recently. Been busy? 🙂

You could say that! These days I can only really play most countries a maximum of maybe four or five times a year as there's obviously a lot more world travel being involved being based in L.A. In london it's been hard to find the right place so it's been great to see so many people come when we do shows in Paris or Berlin. Last year i did over 120 shows, this year i've cut that down to 80 to spend more time on production, running the three labels and giving a day or two to my girlfriend but i hope to come to london more in 2012 and Eastern Electrics is a great reason to come home!

What got you into dance music?

Giles Peterson when i was like 8 years old, then early pirate radio like Don FM and Kiss.

What record never leaves your box?

DJ Patife 'Sambassism' on V Recordings and Perfect Day by Masters At Work, oh and Let Me Show You Love, that will will never leave.

Who or what is your greatest musical inspiration?

My dad, as all people that really know me will know was massive to what I do, he was a great musician and absolute supporter of me doing what I love. In terms of house music and me producing and playing out I'd have to name check Jamie Anderson and Switch, I wouldn't be where i am today without those guys.

Describe your room next weekend in 3 words.

Hot Stooopid Fun.

Jesse Rose plays fabric 3rd October – check here for more details