Jay Shepheard & Tad Wily


So I have to few to decide both whether I like a track, and where to “use” it (if anywhere). For the slower/weirder stuff, I often think to myself: “Would Dixon use this in one of his 3 hour warm up sets”, for the faster stuff with a bit more 4×4, its often the electric car toe tap. For those not familiar, this is where I listen to music in my very small electric car (on headphones, the radio was stolen years ago) and bop around like a lunatic whilst tapping my spare foot on the floor (the electric car has no clutch nor gears, requiring only one foot to be engaged in actually driving). People often stop and stare or laugh and point. I am at the point now, where frankly, this doesn’t bother me.

Liberal Zee (A1) to me is a Dixon-warm-up-track, I can see it slipping in nicely somewhere between his psychedelica and the start of the buildup to the “meat”. Alternatively its quite pleasant when occupying your sofa. Just You I personally find quite average, it didn’t really move me in anyway, although lovers of gentle chugging vocal infused house music might like it. Oh and the remix on the flip, Just You (Matt & Kate’s Remix) is a bit better, but still not enough for a firm seal of approval.

Thankfully though, the first track on the B side, Merked, is a right little cracker. A proper electric car foot tapper. Of course, you can enjoy it on a dancefloor or in your gas guzzling petrol vehicle if you prefer…..


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