Jas Shaw announces new album, ‘Sollbruchstelle’, released as trilogy of EPs


Jas Shaw of Simian Mobile Disco has announced his new LP ‘Sollbruchstelle’, released as a run of three EPs, followed by the full LP on 7th May.

Spending much of the past year in isolation, due to the combination of Covid-19 and an operation for his cell disorder AL amyloidosis, this album is a product of existing in one room — the space where he ate, slept and created music.

Like the shift in his emotions during this period of creation, Shaw flits from vulnerable and anxious moods to soothing remedies filled with hope, sonically moving through electroacoustic soundscapes that draw from ambient, new age, post classical, komishe and minamist influences.

Speaking about the impact isolation had on the album, Jaz explains, “I expect that others have become very familiar with, comfortable in, and tired of a few rooms. It’s difficult to tell from in here, but as well as capturing the aural qualities and demeanour of my environs, it felt like it probably matched the conditions outside too.”

The first EP ‘Sollbruchstelle I – Become the scenic route’ is available now, with the consecutive parts —‘Sollbruchstelle II: Absent And incorrect’ and ‘Sollbruchstelle III: Snacks Of Carelessness’— released on 26th March and 23rd April respectively.

As one half of Simian Mobile Disco, Jas Shaw has been a big fixture in electronic music for over a decade. Under his own name, as Selling (alongside Gold Panda) and in partnership with Bas Grossfeldt, he’s released music on City Slang, Drone, and self-released a solo EP.

Listen to the title track below…

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