Ill Blu Meltdown EP


Like a speeding glass bullet ! Like a lazer powered ghost samurai ! Like a 7 headed dragon breathing pixellated flame from a million monitors, yes ! Ill Blu have finally, finally put out Overdose and its all of those things and more ! Theyve taken the original rave slayer Blu Magic, ramped it up by a bazillion times and renamed it Overdose (just like the Motorhead song eh) and there it is, on a 12 from Numbers, a totally massive piece of hyper dance music and you can have it right here and right now on your very own circular piece of vinyl. Its like Pon De Floor but more, (plus they wrote the track themselves rather than ripping it off Afrojack and claiming all the credit… big move Diplo…). The other tracks on the EP are all top notch, and this is, without a shadow, tune of the week/month/year/etc. Hype !!

Ian Mcquaid

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