Human Endeavour Records announce New Beat-inspired EP from Reda Saiarh

HE003 Artwork

Human Endeavour Records, an offshoot of Ransom Note Records run by Kiara Scuro’s Rosie Ama Cain, has announced its third release, ‘Comfort Zone’, from Geneva-based producer Reda Saiarh.

Having appeared on the label’s inaugural Various Artists release, ‘Trains Of Thought’, Reda now steps up to the plate for his first solo EP on the imprint, which showcases his fresh, forward-thinking take on Belgian New Beat.

Originally born in Brussels, and now residing in Geneva where he co-runs radio collective WAV33 and cultural café Canal 54, alongside Sam Zwygart & Yacine Ferka-Zazou, Reda’s music draws influence from his Belgo-Moroccan heritage and formative moments spent digging through his father’s record collection, which was heavily saturated with the iconic 80s Belgian sound.


On ‘Comfort Zone’, he approaches the traditions of the genre with a completely new twist that weaves elements of progressive trance, jackin’ 90s house and Italo disco into the mix, alongside his trusty bank of signature New Beat samples.

In his own words: “Comfort Zone is my space of creation, no words, only feelings and apprehensions. Each track explains a piece of my environment and experiences. I also focused on the impact of social media on today’s relationship. I feel free to think, produce and share music. All combined, you get a part of myself which transmits deep interpretations. Welcome to my comfort zone, feel safe and enjoy!”

1. Keyboard Warriors
2. Ego Slave
3. Hunters
4. Tele Music
5. I’m Not Your Friend

Listen to the snippets below.

The artwork, which plays on the juxtaposition of man-made and natural textures, was created by designer Sam Bailey.

Lead single ‘Ego Slave’ will be available digitally and on streaming platforms on 24/01/23. Comfort Zone will be released in full on 14/02/23 – Pre-order here.