Hunee To Head Up New Rush Hour Compilation Series With Hunchin All Night


Amsterdam based record label and store Rush Hour have announced Hunee will be the first producer on new compilation series.

Hunee takes the lead on new Rush Hour compilation series with ‘Hunchin All Night’. Surinam Funk Force (Antal and Thomas Gesthuizen's collaborative project) have curated the subsequent second edition. Despite Hunee's contribution being the first instalment, Surinam Funk Force's compilation will be released first.

Hunee previously oversaw Rush Hour's 'Sounds from the Far East' compilation in 2015, which shone a light on Japan's Far East Recordings label and producer Soichi Terada.

Though the track list has not yet been published, 'Hunchin All Night’ will demonstrate the artists penchant for eclectic House and Disco cuts, with a selection of sounds from the 70's right through to current releases. Drawing inspiration from a smorgasboard of influences, Hunee’s contribution features tracks by Bonacana Maiga, Black Beat Niks, Kenny Larkin and Mappa Mundi.

'Hunchin All Night' will be released by Rush Hour Recordings post-summer 16. The exact release date is yet to be confirmed.

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