Hounds of Hate


This may be the best track Ive heard all year. No, wait, Im going to put my money where my mouth is. This is definitely the best track Ive heard all year. Im assuming its called I Like Triangles because theres a crazy synth line half way through that sounds like its been made from a triangle wave (shout out to any geeks out there who even have any sort of clue what Im on about), but it could just as easily be about Toblerone or, I dont know, setting up a pool table or something. The point is it wouldnt matter, this would still be an ace slice of post disco spine tingling electronic magic. There are no vocals, even though it sounds like there is going to be, and that works well. The afore mentioned triangle synth solo gets stuck in your head for hours at a time, and all the other keyboards wheeze and splutter out their dirty analogue desires in a truly enchanting manner. I think theres a fair bit of hype around this lot, and rarely, I think its completely deserved.

Ian Mcquaid