Goitia Deitz – Coma


Of course we love new music here at The Beat!, we just don’t really hear much we like. This, however, is great!

The Debut 7″ release from Goitia Deitz: a mysterious duo from Brooklyn, New York. Behind the pairs shrouded persona are two DJs and producers that have been collaborating as Goitia Deitz for the past year. Their recorded experiments in minimal electronics hint towards an extensive record collection and a shared bonding over their love of Krautrock, Kosmische and Italo.

All tracks are produced on analog equipment, recorded live in one take with additional mixing by James Aparicio (These New Puritans, Liars, Spiritualized, Mute Records). Nothing is pre-planned or written.

It’s beautifully packaged with artwork from Ciaran O’Shea & Goitia Deitz but you’d better get a wiggle on as there are only a few left.

Goitia Deitz – Coma by DiscError Recordings

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