Gigi Masin and Greg Foat announce first collaborative LP


Greg Foat and Gigi Masin have announced their first collaborative LP,’Dolphin’. The album, which also features Moses Boyd on drums and Tom Herbert on bass, will be released on June 16th via Strut Records.

‘Dolphin’ is described as an exquisite blend of Kosmische, jazz, vintage soundtrack flavours and ambient music. Masin’s melodies meet Foat’s laid-back, slo-mo grooves, while Herbert’s unfurling basslines and Boyd’s drums create a soothing soundscape. The album is predominantly a group effort, but due to Foat’s sensitive handling, certain points were left largely unadorned, letting Masin’s essence take centre stage.

Both artists’ signature styles are evident, but blended with smooth liquidity that the pairing seems like the most natural no-brainer ever. The album is a tribute to the joy of playing together and creating something beautiful and exciting. It’s a sincere hymn to life and humanity and a personal exploration and translation of life moments.


Video: Ulises AI


  1. ‘Lee’
  2. ‘London Nights’
  3. ‘Love Theme’
  4. ‘Dolphins’
  5. ‘Sabena’
  6. ‘Leo Theo’
  7. ‘Viento Calido’
  8. ‘Your Move’

‘Dolphin’ is now available for pre-order here on vinyl, CD, download, and stream.

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