George Fitzgerald – Fernweh/Hearts


 MMAKEM001 – Fernweh / Hearts – George FitzGerald (clips) by ManMakeMusic 

So the story goes that one George FitzGerald was swotting upfor his law exams when he should have been down at Panorama Bar cleaning up atthe release party for his debut Hotflush release. On the debut release for oneLondons canniest party crews this restraint is in full effect. Man Make MusicI sits comfortably between house and furthered dubstep, with two well craftedjoints that should hit at both end of an increasingly blurred continuum.

Fernweh (also the name of a 2006 Extrawelt track, spotters).Is super warm, with large chords swelling up, bringing skeletal percussion tothe fore. The trademark pitch bent rnb vocals are in full effect,indiscernible, but strangely kinetic. The aforementioned restraint sees Georgebuild and build until the drums teeter on the edge. Seemingly ready to drop butinstead proceedings are cut back and melody is again brought to the fore onlyto be subtly manipulated. Its a highly versatile number that could just aseasily be used to gently heat the floor as to ease off the gas.

B Side Hearts plays along with a similar sense ofanticipation, but this time is actually allowed to let rip. Bright, janglingpercussion lifts skulking bass and mellow pads but with an unerring toughnessthat focuses the track on the floor.

A solid start from MMM, with a pair of astute DJ tools thatshould find favour across the scenes. Both tracks represent the sound of theparty at which George, unsurprisingly is a resident and pave the way for thelabels sound to build.