Galcher Lustwerk readies debut album for Ghostly Intl.


The acclaimed producer has announced his first full length LP for the label which features twelve tracks and is titled 'Information'. It will be released on the 22nd of November later this year and features his trademark blend of lights low house music and deep moods. The album blurs the lines between hip hop, house, rnb and jazzier orchestrations and allows Galcher to showcase the breadth of his eclectic sound in a methodical, humble manner which entices and intrigues. 

He himself describes the record as follows:

“Being from the midwest and with Ghostly putting it out, I think it’s fitting to cull together my most midwest-minded, ‘hookier’ tracks. I wanted to capture a bittersweet quality that I hear in a lot of other Cleveland producers.”

There is an overarching theme which runs throughout:

"Information doesn’t equal knowledge, though we may be getting facts, the truth may not be clear.”

A video for the track 'Cig Angel' taken from the new album is streaming online now.

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