Fringe Society releases new LP, ’The Art World’, for Wrong Era


Fringe Society returns to Slow Motion offshoot Wrong Era for his new album The Art World.

A regular at the label’s parties in Berlin, he follows up his first EP for the imprint – 2018’s Youngblood – with this new long player which comprises of 12 tracks that string together EBM, synthwave, Italo and proto electro influences.

Just like his previous releases, which have come on labels like Esthetique, Hard Fist and Samo Records, he showcases his ability to create slick, driving rhythms and rich, cinematic sonics.


Fringe Society also makes music under several other guises including Russian Chandeliers and Modern Ruin, alongside Gerard of the once Rattler Proxy.

Wrong Era is the little sister imprint of Slow Motion Records, a label focused on sharing music from Italian producers that pays homage to the electronic dance sounds from the country. Wrong Era builds on these influences, inviting like-minded artists from across the world who are drawn to making similar sounds.

The Art World is out now on Wrong Era.