French Fries


One of the lads I DJ with (lets call him Tom*) has been playing a promo of this for the last 3 months and has refused to give me a copy. Ive stood beside him, bitter and spitting as the wonky horns, hype baile beats and snatched Brazillian vocals whip the crowd into a carnival frenzy. Ive watched men and women flinging their arms aloft and hurling their inhibitions skyward, dancing, nay, raving in the truly god awful manner that only white English people listening to foreign sounding music can achieve. Ive seen sweat dripping off the walls and future spouses manoeuvring around, then into each others flailing hands. CHAOS HAS REIGNED. Basically, its a good fast club-tested dance tune. Well now its finally been released and I can play it too, so balls to you Tom.

*Because thats his name

Ian Mcquaid