Franz Kirmann’s Video For ‘Hypertrance’ Has Dropped


Franz Kirmann's weird and wonderful video for 'Hypertrance' from his album 'Elysian Park' is now up on YouTube. 

After being commissioned by Berlin art studio Zeitguised to soundtrack the art installation 'Hyper Trophies', Franz Kirmann created his third album 'Elysian Park' – made up of 14 different compositions that all featured in the exhibition. The artistic video for 'Hypertrance' from 'Elysian Park' is now available to watch on YouTube, starting things off with a 3D model shape distorting and changing to the driving sounds of 'Hypertrance'. 

With no set structure, riff or melody – the whole album is full of audible art pieces. Tranquil yet majestic, the album is ideal for deep-thinking, otherworldly listening. 

The video for 'Hypertrance' is available to stream here, and you can buy the full album here


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