If you get a Mr Potato Head toy when youre a kid and you decide to stick say, his mouth on his forehead or his nose where his ear should be, he essentially still looks like Mr Potato Head, just with a shit face. Thats the joy of a Mr Potato Head. So this track by Foals is basically Mr Potato Head indie. Its like theyve got a box of requisites – downbeat verse, anthemic chorus, twangly U2esque guitar, lovelorn lyrics etc and stuck em onto the big potato like skull of a 3 minute pop song. I guess what Im trying to say is THERES NOTHING NEW HERE. But do yknow what. Its pretty good. As long as you set your expectation levels to non-existent This Orient is a pleasing indie disco anthem, and the world (possibly, maybe) probably needs a few every now and then.

Ian Mcquaid

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