Floating Points Unveils Shortfilm ‘Reflections’ And Soundtrack


Floating Points, originally the solo project and alias of Sam Shepherd, has announced the release of a shortfilm in collaboration with producer Anna Diaz Ortuño, recorded in the Mojave Desert.

'Reflections- Mojave Desert' is the first in a series of environmental recordings from the Floating Points ensemble and features new and unheard compositions.

Throughout the recordings, microphones were placed in the surroundings of the desert to capture ambient noise and to create a soundscape that encompasses the sonic textures of the desert- from the sounds of bird call to the sound the wind rustling through the bushes.

The music shifts from soft chords played by Shepherd to explosive full-band tracks, representing the two differing sides of the desert.

'Reflections' is due for release via Shepherd's own Pluto label on 30th June.

For more info and tour dates head HERE.


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