Fist or Finger Vol 2


Firstly I must confess that the thought of choosing between a fist or a finger conjures up all kinds of wonderful erotica moments in my over active imagination.

One can only hope that when naming this series of vinyl only collaborations between the duracell bunnied newcomer and the calm sage-like old hand, that their minds were similarly resident in the gutter.

As much as the Fist (A Side) is a wonderful and energetic house track takes you on a minature emotional journey, the Finger (B Side) is a slightly spine chilling piece of ambient that I imagine being part of a horror movie soundtrack. The Scumdolly reconsideration can only have been considered whilst plumbing the depths of a deep dark drain, but I also wouldn’t stray too far from just saying that its weirdness is acceptable only due to the great original Brick Jane on the A side.

Fans of the errant producers behind this record will recognise the long rifts and outreach instrumental moments that make this record borderline on the epic, but have also peppered previous releases. I am quite sure the A side of this record will be appearing in many a DJ’s set this coming Spring/Summer, whilst the B side is more likely to be appearing in Saw 6 (coming to a run down, rat infested cinema near you very soon).