Field Records to reissue Monolake’s first complete vinyl edition of Hongkong

monolake hong kong

Field Records celebrates its 15th anniversary by releasing the first complete vinyl edition of Monolake’s seminal excursion into experimental dub techno; Hongkong.

Originally released in 1997, the collection of early singles by Robert Henke and Gerhard Behles has become a genre classic alongside groundbreaking works by Porter Ricks and Vladislav Delay.

The tracks, created while the duo were studying computer science and immersing themselves in Berlin’s techno scene, possess a backroom, headphone-ready demeanour and lend themselves to the album listening experience.


Rooted in the embryonic sound of European dub techno it presents a gritty, grainy sonic that’s still tied in some way to the traditional methods of techno.

Remastered and presented for the first time as a complete double 12” package, this is the definitive edition of an essential work in the evolution of experimental techno.