Electronic Music Pioneers Live In Dalston


If you still haven't made up your mind about where to head on Friday evening, consider a trip to Cafe Oto for a chance to see experimental pioneers of electronic music MEV live. This show contains of 3 of the group's original members (Alvin Curran, Richard Teitelbaum, and Frederic Rzewski) which is an extremely rare occurrence. 


Releasing music in short bursts, Musica Elettronica Viva (MEV) achieved notoriety for their ability to generate riots along with their experimental usage of synthesisers (among other things) in the late 60s. Richard Teitelbaum is recognised as being the first person in Europe to own a Moog synthesiser, a signal of just how prompt the group have been at adapting to technological advancements. Originally starting out with the intent of interpreting works by composers like John Cage into an electronic form, the exhilarating sound of the music and the forward-thinking technical ethos of the band made them inspirational figures for many of their peers.



The show this Friday at Cafe Oto marks an almost unique chance to see multiple members of the group performing in the same place, all are now competent composers within their own right. What the audience can expect to immerse themselves into on Friday night is yet unknown but here's hoping that the 3 members of MEV are able to muster up some of the riot enducing sounds of years gone by.


Tickets are 10 (plus booking fee), available at the Cafe Oto website.


Ciaran Steward