Efdemin Returns with new Album for Ostgut Ton


Berghain resident Phillip Sollmann, better known as Efdemin, is set to release a full-length album on the club’s inhouse label Ostgut Ton. His fourth LP, ‘New Atlantis’ borrows its name from Francis Bacon’s 17th century novel, conveying similarly utopian ideas through its composition and style. Of particular interest for Sollmann was Bacon’s imagination of ‘sound houses’, abodes containing instruments capable of recreating the universe’s entire catalogue of noises. Shooting between ethereal ambiance and Panorama Bar-esque techno, Sollmann employs gripping spoken word, life-giving melodies and resonant wooden percussion across eight tracks. Texturally superb and craftily composed, the album is set to hit the shelves on 15th February next year.