Eddie C readies new album on Endless Flight


"Green Space" is forthcoming on the Mule Musiq sub label and will be released in the coming weeks. The Canadian producer has kept a distinguished relationship with the longstanding imprint having released music with Endless Flight on several occassions across the past nine years. 

The ten track affair will be his fourth album with the label and spans an assortment of balearic, sun kissed club cuts, delicate soundscapes and ambient melodies. It is is his first full length release in three years and comes with a bonus 7".

He describes the nature of the project below: 

"As usual there's a bunch of digging and sampling on there as well as some hardware dance numbers.  I enjoy all kinds of music and various production techniques as people who are familiar with my past productions may be aware.  As far as the title, I'm sure you can derive the triple meaning from it as easy as it was to name.  Maybe it makes no sense?  Maybe it's perfectly clear.  Where do ideas come from?  Where was this music before it was in my head?  Why adjust music from the past?  Why make new music? Why feel the need to organize sounds into a particular order?  And why those particular sounds over others?  I've put in my 10,000 hours with music and records over the years.  What made you pick the records in your record collection? The bottomlessness of it keeps me going.  Green Space – an area of wilderness or biodiversity within a city – an oasis of life in a once dead neighbourhood – or just the headspace useful for digging… Stefan Marx sent me the artwork and I didn't even have to think about it… "

A full tracklist can be seen below: 

01. Hello Baby 
02. Carbon Date 
03. In The Park 
04. Way Uptown 
05. Batucada 
06. Berlina 
07. Dancin' Music 
08. Bad Words feat. Mister Joshooa 
09. Listen 
10. An Der Wedding 

Bonus 7-inch 
A Hrdvsion – 842 Colours (Eddie C Elektro Funk Remix) 
B Eddie C – Musli Funk